Ionyx Frand

Ionyx was founded in 1993. It is located in the Bordeaux area, 34 rue de Fleurenne in the city of Blanquefort. Ionyx manages the production and the after sales service of all its equipment. All of Ionyx range is specialized and facilitates the daily practise of the endodontic treatments. It is aimed for omnipractiionners dedicated to improve the confort and quality of the endodontic treatments. Products actually on the market: 2005 Launch of the Locapex Five 2010 Launch of the Endy 6200 and of the Endo Master 3 (EMS) 2013 Launch of the ENDY NT2

Άρχεία για Κατέβασμα
Κατάλογος Endy 6200
Κατάλογος Locapex 6
Catalogue Endy NT2