Dental X

Dental X has been active in the dental and medical sector for more than thirty years, specializing in the design, production and distribution of vacuum sterilization and heat sealing systems for packaging surgical instruments. In the sterilization field Dental X offers a full range of vacuum autoclaves capable of guaranteeing total sterilization safety and effectiveness. Besides the manufacturing activities Dental X has a very active import and distribution activities and has a very experienced and strong sale network all over Italy. Dental X is certified according with ISO 9001, and EN ISO 13485 standards. Technological innovation and quality and design standards are the all marks of all Dental X products, widely used and appreciated by thousands of specialists all over the world. The application of information technologies to the sterilization field has opened new frontiers in technical servicing, to the evident advantage of relation between customers, distributors and the manufacturer. Dental X also produce a wide range of heat sealing devices and dentist's chairs. The Dental X headquarter and factory is located in the nearby of Vicenza in the North East of Italy.

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