Voco GmbH

VOCO began life as a small family concern supplying a handful of products to dental practices and laboratories. The business evolved quickly – thanks to on-going investment in research and development, not to mention steady expansion of sales. The growth of research and manufacturing activities and a rising number of employees saw the company move into new purpose-built premises in 1992. Following two extension phases in 1997 and 2005 the production facilities grew to 22,000 m2. The addition of a prestigious new main building, inaugurated in 2013, featuring an integrated training centre and exclusive conference suite, not to mention the research and development department's building complex equipped with cutting-edge laboratory technology, the site is now nearing 30,000 m2. With this, VOCO is reflecting the expansion of its business in concrete terms, and is in the best position to meet the growing challenges of the global market and the increasing expectations of an international community of employees and customers alike.

Άρχεία για Κατέβασμα
Κατάλογος Προϊόντων Voco 2015 - 2016