Dental Treatment Units


So much more than an ordinary dental chair.

6+1 reason to get yours today.

Triton Plus+ is the latest creation of Neodent S.A. Based on the valuable experience of the cooperating group of dentists and inspired by the new design trends that require minimalist lines this complete dental treatment unit, has the following main features:

1.    Top quality raw materials, exclusively of European origin

All materials used in the construction of the TRITON Plus+ come from the most reliable suppliers worldwide. The metal frame is entirely made of high quality cast aluminum combined with galvanized iron, while the drive motors of the seat and the backrest come from the German HANNING ELEKTRO-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG. The external housing is made of unique resilience polyurethane & ABS with antibacterial and UV coating, while the patient’s seat is upholstered with italian, synthetic leather, intended exclusively for medical use.

2.     Robust and compact construction

Particular emphasis was given when designing the main body of the unit; we wanted to have the most robust and solid chair of the market able to justify weight up to 200 kg and an ultra stable cuspidor; and we made it.

3.    Aesthetically perfect design

In perfect harmony with the new design trends that dictate minimalist lines, the new TRITON Plus+ goes one step further than the earlier pantographic system, introducing vertical movement on the fixed cuspidor (“elevator” type)

4.   Ergonomics for the operator

For a relaxing and comfortable work, special care has been given to the symmetrically upright position of the operator. The sufficient length of the tubes (hoses), the wide horizontal and vertical movement of the delivery unit and the assistant panel placed on the left side of the unit ensure that the dentist will execute every treatment by making only small movements with the arms as the working field is correctly placed.

5. Hygiene- protection for patients and personnel.

After treatment of each patient and at the completion of daily work activities the dental unit surfaces can be easily and quickly cleaned using an appropriate cleaning agent and disinfected with a suitable chemical germicide

Inside the main body of the cuspidor, there is a 2 liter container for the use of clean, distilled water through the lines and handpieces.

6. Comfort for the Patient

TRITON Plus+ is equipped with a rotating spittoon bowl that comes in front of the patient. During the use of the bowl, there is an automated stop of the dental chair to avoid the risk of accidental movement. The headrest can be adjusted mechanically in 2 axes and placed to the desired position. The delivery unit can be fixed to the correct height without the risk of slipping away, as the integrated break ensures firm positioning.

The key point to your decision

Equipment installation and after sales service is carried out
by our knowledgeable engineers who are constantly trained to meet manufacturer’s high standards.

From surgery planning to final installation, Neodent’s professionals are always here to make sure that your dream for a functional practice becomes true. All our partners share the idea that after-sales service keeps customers coming back and encourages them to refer their business to others.

Neodent S.A also highlights the importance of having in stock adequate spare parts for immediate delivery; We are proud to be the only manufacturer that can and will serve any spare parts’ order overnight, if not the very same day. This way you can feel sure to have “the right part – for the right price – at the right time”


Timeless value in dental treatment

The efficacy of Triton has been repeatedly tested and approved by dentists in the daily work : Simple in construction, with top quality raw materials, the Triton package eliminates the risk of disruption of the dental practice.

The main difference with the Plus+ version is the elevating system: The chair of the Triton moves along with the spittoon on a pantographic system of arms.

The spittoon bowl is made of porcelain with special UV coating and can be easily removed and washed or thermodisinfected.


Efamilo – Portable Dental Unit
With integrated suction & aircompressor

This mobile cart does not require any installation and can be straight away used to treat your patient in your own dental clinic, hospitals, nursing homes or other institutions.

A complete dentist’s delivery unit with handpieces, piezoscaler, air-water syringe, air suction, aircompressor, foot pedal.


Technical Specifications

Model: Efamilo

Supply Pressure: 220V/50Hz

Power: 1.500W

Speed R.P.M: 1400r/min

Air Flow: 120L/min

Pressure: 5-7bar

Noise: 60dB(A)

Weight: 70Kgs

Product Dimensions (H x W x D cm): 77x75x50cm


Right and left-handed Operators ?



Less than 2 minutes changeover from right-handed to left-handed set up.

The Triton Ambidextrous Chair Package is ideal for :

  • Limited working spaces
  • Larger groups of dentists sharing the same equipment
  • Four-handed dentistry
  • Higher comfort level among the left-handed clinicians


Check on YouTube the Changeover real-time

Dental Compressor


Specially designed for dental and medical practices, D01-2 is the most reliable source of hygienic compressed air during patient’s treatment.

Equipped with a 20-liter tank, this oil-free, super powerful compressor is classified and certified as medical equipment Class IIa and comes with the corresponding CE certificate issued by the National Evaluation Center of Quality and Technology in Health, a notified body under the registration number 0653 in EU.

Air Compressor D01-2. Why? Because…

it provides superior quality, clean compressed air

The inner surface of the tank goes through a special corrosion protection painting. This is the most efficient way to protect the metal substrate against atmospheric corrosivity, i.e. rust, and to give the surface smooth appearance and texture.  In addition, a 20 μm filtration rate air filter in compliance with directive 97/23/CE PED removes solid particles such as dust, bacteria etc (Φωτογραφία από αεροθυλάκιο)

the 1,5 HP keeps the workflow to your surgery unsustainable

this is an important measure of what D01-2 can do and how well it can do it.

noise is something that you will totally forget

One of the most silent air compressors operating between the 65-68 decibel range. With the use of the Acoustic Cabinet that reduces it under 60 dBA you will never hear it again

100% Oil-free

And the risk lower of contaminating the compressed air with lubricant goes to zero.

Easy to install, easier to maintain

Choose your clean space that’s properly ventilated and plug it to operate. To remove any moisture out of the tank, use the special tubing. So easy.

Technical data

Voltage: 230V/55Hz
Power: 1500W = 2HP
Speed: ≥1400 r/min
Air Supply m3 / h ≥8.7m3/h @0.8MPa ≥16.8m3/h @0MPa
Operating Pressure: 0.7MPa
Max Pressure: 0.9MPa
Restart Point: 0MPa
Tank Capacity: 20 liters
Noise Level without cabinet dB(A): ≤68 dB
Noise Level with cabinet dB(A): ≤60 dB
Dimensions: 38cm x 38cm x 65cm (WxDxH – Without Cabinet)
Net Weight: ≤17.5Kg
Air Quality: Complies with EN ISO 8573-1:2010 [3:5: -]


Soundproof Cabinet for Neodent Compressor D01-2 – Indoor & Outdoor


Easy access for checking / venting the air compressor, as you no longer need to remove the entire cabinet.

Maintains noise less than 65dB.

Carts & Dentist’s Stools


Store and transport everything, from medical devices to endo burs.

Made of metal and solid frame.

Each shelf can weigh up to 10kg.


– Total Size of Cart White: 78cmx46cmx40cm (HxWxD)

– Maximum load per shelf: 10kg

– Maximum height per shelf: 39cm

Shelf Dimensions

1st: 43x33cm

2nd & 3rd: 36x23cm

Power cord specifications

– 3 supplies / Each supply 220V ~ / 16A max.

– 50 / 60Hz – 3,500 Watt Max

Available in white Ral 9016 – Total White

Note: The product is delivered pre-assembled and packaged. Contains detailed instructions.


MAXimum Storage capacity with 4.000 cm2 of surface
MAXimum Robustness, committed to sustain long-term frequent use
MΑΧimum Μaneuverability, perfect size with 4 rubber wheels for easy, smooth movement
MΑΧimum Quality, made of premium metallic materials, each shelf can hold up to 15 kg of weight!
MΑΧimum Versatility, people love using this to store and transport anything; from medical appliances to tiny dental burs



MΙΝΙΜΑL assembly time required, less than 3 minutes

– Cart size: 79cmx46cmx43cm
– Maximum loading per shelf: 15kg
– Maximum load height per shelf: 22cm

Power cord Specifications
– 3 Socket / 1 Switch 250V~/16A max.
– 50/60Hz 3500Watt max.


With an ultra stable, 5-star chrome base with casters for easy maneuverability, this stool is the perfect companion for the dentist. The height of the backrest is adjustable whether the user wants to support the lower or the upper back. The seamless upholstery is extra durable and matches identically with the chair’s colors.

The dentist stool is available in 2 versions:

Size                          Minimum Height                    Maximum Height


Short                                       47                                    69


Medium                                   56                                    76


*Distance of the seat surface to the floor in cm.


When it comes to stool, see the benefits not just the features.

Get to know the EPOS, your personal assistant at work.

Good posture means that the key parts of a person’s body are correctly aligned and supported by the right amount of muscle tension. While working this is not always easy to remember and to maintain.

EPOS is your personal assistant that helps not only to adopt the correct sitting position, but also to maintain it all day long. How? EPOS tilts your pelvis and spine upward preventing from any abnormal position while providing at the same time a sense of comfort at your back and legs.

EPOS is not just another saddle stool; It is a totally unique and innovative product which:

Designed and development based on listening to the voice of the customer to ensure that meets the needs and expectations of the user.
Made of ultra-resistant, thick, luxurious upholstery, seamless for easy & hygienic cleaning and disinfection.
Comes in 9 customizable color options.
Safe Working Load of 160kg.
Available in 2 different heights: Short and Medium.
2-lever mechanism operation provides independent adjustment for the seat (height and tilt).

The dentist stool is available in 2 versions:

Size                          Minimum Height                    Maximum Height


Short                                       50                                    62


Medium                                   59                                    78


*Distance of the seat surface to the floor in cm.

Technical Specifications


Stylish 20-inch flat, LED TV monitor, comes with an integrated tuner, offering many possibilities to the operator.

Technical Features

22″ LED TV, Wide, HD Ready, slim design, 50-60Hz
Display resolution: 1600*900
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Contrast 1200:1 (Dynamic 100000:1)
Viewing angle (hor/ver): 170/160 degrees
Response time 8ms
PVR Ready via the USB port
Digital terrestrial TV reception
Image enhancement technologies: Comb filter, Digital noise reduction, Progressive scan, CTI/LTI
Channel storage memory: 1000 presets (900 digital / 100 analogue)Connectivity: HDMI, SCART, USB (photos/music/movies), AV-in, Audio out, VGA 15pin D-sub, Common Interface, Digital audio out, Earphones, RF-in
USB port with media player functionality (movies/music/photos)
Included: Instructions manual, remote control, batteries, warranty card
Energy rating Α
VESA 75×75
Dimensions: 47,3×3.4×29.4 (without stand)


The CAS 1 combines separation and amalgam separation. It fits into a wide range of units and is installed ex works by many leading manufacturers. The two-stage system achieves a far higher separation capacity than conventional technology.


The delivery unit

With five -5- freely configurable outlets, the delivery unit comes into 3 types : hanging cords- E type, whip arm system – L type and mobile cart – M type.

The delivery unit can move to all directions and the height can be adjusted either through a manual brake or through a pneumatic air brake (optional).

The instrument hoses are sufficiently long to provide extreme comfort during work , with smooth silicon surfaces for complete cleaning and correct disinfection.

The whip arm system is equipped with an extra tray underneath the main delivery unit.

The main touchpad controls the following functions :

–       Movements of the chair ( up-down, back and forth)

–       Programming and storing memories for specific working positions

–       Last treatment position

–       Rinsing the spittoon bowl

–       Filling the water cup

–       Clockwise/Anti-clockwise rpm in the micromotor

Each delivery unit is equipped with an autoclavable (134ο C), silicon cover

To adjust digitally the speed of the micromotor, the new Digital Display offers the possibility to regulate the rpm from 2.000 to 40.000 in a scale of 1.000 rpm/per button press.

The delivery unit is available in 3 versions:

–       Hanging cords or International ( E type)

–       Whip arm system or Continental ( L type)

–       Cart or Mobile version ( M type)


Sometimes it is difficult for patients to fully understand the condition of their teeth in the same way the dentist does. Dental Imaging systems allow patients to be more interactive in the exam process, which provides patients with a greater sense of understanding and responsibility about personal dental health.

The Triton Plus+ and Triton units can be equipped with all the new means of visual inspection (such as intra-oral cameras, microscopes, monitors for digital x-ray displays etc) that will truly set apart the dental practice from the nonusers giving extra prestige and a better level of understanding of the intraoral status.


The patient’s chair

Τhe seat covering materials are extremely durable, seamless, easy to disinfect and clean. Changing the upholstery is a task that can be done very quickly for each part individually (headrest, backrest, and seat) locally in the dental office, without the need for taking the chair to a service center.

The seat has two independent electric motors, totally quiet and smooth on the move.

Lifting weight up to 200 kg.

The chair is equipped with an auto-stop in case an object inserts during its descent (i.e. the footswitch) that eliminates the risk of accidents.

The headrest can be adjusted in 2 axes (up-down, back-forth) but also it is 180o rotatable to be used for patients in wheelchairs.

A steady handle on the left side of the chair is included in the standard configuration, while you can choose to have a right-sided removable handle as an option.


Each Triton Plus+ or Triton comes with an assistant’s panel on the left side of the patient’s chair. Onto this panel, there are the suction tubes (of two different diameters – one large and one smaller) and an hydraulic saliva ejector or optionally a water-air syringe for the assistant.

There is also the touchpad to control all the functions of the unit.


Excellent Performance Absolute Speed Control!

Innovative mechanism through 2 metallic gears offers a wide range of speed adjustment (28mm).

What makes the Accelade foot switch unique?

The wide range in speed adjustment through the pedal and the gradual acceleration. The user enjoys complete control over the dental handpieces starting from a few RPMs and reaching the maximum speed.

The operator is able to manipulate the instruments quickly and accurately with only minimal foot movement.

Technical Data:
Type: Footswitch with large pedal
Base: Solid floor-grip
Hook: Metallic
Movements: All (chair seat up and down, backrest back and forth)
On / Off Dental Light: Yes
Programs: P1 – Last treatment position
Compatible with: Triton & Triton Plus
Net Weight: 3.2 kg

Color Selector


A wide variety of colours.

Camera Support Arm


CamArm – A Valuable Assistant in Dental Photography & Videography

The new CamArm arm mounts to the dental device (in the projector column) and has a universal support base for mounting any camera, modern technology.

The height is adjustable so that there is an illustration of both the upper and lower jaw.

In addition, the camera / camera can be connected externally (with cable) and with a screen on the machine to view the clinical practice in real-time.

Find out about the features and functions of CamArm & free your hands!