When it comes to stool, see the benefits not just the features.

Get to know the EPOS, your personal assistant at work.

Good posture means that the key parts of a person’s body are correctly aligned and supported by the right amount of muscle tension. While working this is not always easy to remember and to maintain.

EPOS is your personal assistant that helps not only to adopt the correct sitting position, but also to maintain it all day long. How? EPOS tilts your pelvis and spine upward preventing from any abnormal position while providing at the same time a sense of comfort at your back and legs.


EPOS is not just another saddle stool; It is a totally unique and innovative product which:

Designed and development based on listening to the voice of the customer to ensure that meets the needs and expectations of the user.
Made of ultra-resistant, thick, luxurious upholstery, seamless for easy & hygienic cleaning and disinfection.
Comes in 9 customizable color options.
Safe Working Load of 160kg.
Available in 2 different heights: Short and Medium.
2-lever mechanism operation provides independent adjustment for the seat (height and tilt).


The dentist stool is available in 2 versions:

Size                          Minimum Height                    Maximum Height

Short                                       50                                    62

Medium                                   59                                    78

*Distance of the seat surface to the floor in cm.