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So much more than an ordinary dental chair


6+1 reason to get yours today.

Triton Plus+ is the latest creation of Neodent S.A. Based on the valuable experience of the cooperating group of dentists and inspired by the new design trends that require minimalist lines this complete dental treatment unit, has the following main features:

1. Top quality raw materials, exclusively of European origin

All materials used in the construction of the TRITON Plus+ come from the most reliable suppliers worldwide. The metal frame is entirely made of high quality cast aluminum combined with galvanized iron, while the drive motors of the seat and the backrest come from the German HANNING ELEKTRO-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG. The external housing is made of unique resilience polyurethane & ABS with antibacterial and UV coating, while the patient’s seat is upholstered with italian, synthetic leather, intended exclusively for medical use.

2. Robust and compact construction

Particular emphasis was given when designing the main body of the unit; we wanted to have the most robust and solid chair of the market able to justify weight up to 200 kg and an ultra stable cuspidor; and we made it.

3. Aesthetically perfect design

In perfect harmony with the new design trends that dictate minimalist lines, the new TRITON Plus+ goes one step further than the earlier pantographic system, introducing vertical movement on the fixed cuspidor (“elevator” type)

4. Ergonomics for the operator

For a relaxing and comfortable work, special care has been given to the symmetrically upright position of the operator. The sufficient length of the tubes (hoses), the wide horizontal and vertical movement of the delivery unit and the assistant panel placed on the left side of the unit ensure that the dentist will execute every treatment by making only small movements with the arms as the working field is correctly placed.

5. Hygiene- protection for patients and personnel

After treatment of each patient and at the completion of daily work activities the dental unit surfaces can be easily and quickly cleaned using an appropriate cleaning agent and disinfected with a suitable chemical germicide

Inside the main body of the cuspidor, there is a 2 liter container for the use of clean, distilled water through the lines and handpieces.

6. Comfort for the Patient

TRITON Plus+ is equipped with a rotating spittoon bowl that comes in front of the patient. During the use of the bowl, there is an automated stop of the dental chair to avoid the risk of accidental movement. The headrest can be adjusted mechanically in 2 axes and placed to the desired position. The delivery unit can be fixed to the correct height without the risk of slipping away, as the integrated break ensures firm positioning.

The key point to your decision

Equipment installation and after sales service is carried out
by our knowledgeable engineers who are constantly trained to meet manufacturer’s high standards.

From surgery planning to final installation, Neodent’s professionals are always here to make sure that your dream for a functional practice becomes true. All our partners share the idea that after-sales service keeps customers coming back and encourages them to refer their business to others.

Neodent S.A also highlights the importance of having in stock adequate spare parts for immediate delivery; We are proud to be the only manufacturer that can and will serve any spare parts’ order overnight, if not the very same day. This way you can feel sure to have “the right part – for the right price – at the right time”



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