Excellent Performance Absolute Speed Control!

Innovative mechanism through 2 metallic gears offers a wide range of speed adjustment (28mm).

What makes the Accelade foot switch unique?

The wide range in speed adjustment through the pedal and the gradual acceleration. The user enjoys complete control over the dental handpieces starting from a few RPMs and reaching the maximum speed.

The operator is able to manipulate the instruments quickly and accurately with only minimal foot movement.

Foot pedal is easy to use and move due to its metallic arch. Offers multiple functions such as progressive instrument activation for the micromotor, chip-blower (optional), patient chair movement, last treatment position and hands-free operation for the dental light.


Type: Footswitch with large pedal
Base: Solid floor-grip
Hook: Metallic
Movements: All (chair seat up and down, backrest back and forth)
On / Off Dental Light: Yes
Programs: P1 – Last treatment position
Compatible with: Triton & Triton Plus
Net Weight: 3.2 kg