The delivery unit

With five -5- freely configurable outlets, the delivery unit comes into 3 types: hanging cords-E type, whip arm system-L type and mobile cart-M type.

The delivery unit can move to all directions and the height can be adjusted either through a manual brake or through a pneumatic air brake (optional).

The instrument hoses are sufficiently long to provide extreme comfort during work, with smooth silicon surfaces for complete cleaning and correct disinfection.

The whip arm system is equipped with an extra tray underneath the main delivery unit.


The main touchpad controls the following functions :
Movements of the chair ( up-down, back and forth)
Programming and storing memories for specific working positions
Last treatment position
Rinsing the spittoon bowl
Filling the water cup
Clockwise/Anti-clockwise rpm in the micromotor

Each delivery unit is equipped with an autoclavable (134ο C), silicon cover

To adjust digitally the speed of the micromotor, the new Digital Display offers the possibility to regulate the rpm from 2.000 to 40.000 in a scale of 1.000 rpm/per button press.

The delivery unit is available in 3 versions:

Hanging cords or International (E type)
Whip arm system or Continental (L type)
Cart or Mobile version (M type)