Dental Compressor D01-2

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Specially designed for dental and medical practices, D01-2 is the most reliable source of hygienic compressed air during patient’s treatment.

Equipped with a 20-liter tank, this oil-free, super powerful compressor is classified and certified as medical equipment Class IIa and comes with the corresponding CE certificate issued by the National Evaluation Center of Quality and Technology in Health, a notified body under the registration number 0653 in EU.

Air Compressor D01-2. Why? Because…

it provides superior quality, clean compressed air

The inner surface of the tank goes through a special corrosion protection painting. This is the most efficient way to protect the metal substrate against atmospheric corrosivity, i.e. rust, and to give the surface smooth appearance and texture.  In addition, a 20 μm filtration rate air filter in compliance with directive 97/23/CE PED removes solid particles such as dust, bacteria etc (Φωτογραφία από αεροθυλάκιο)

the 1,5 HP keeps the workflow to your surgery unsustainable

this is an important measure of what D01-2 can do and how well it can do it.

noise is something that you will totally forget

One of the most silent air compressors operating between the 65-68 decibel range. With the use of the Acoustic Cabinet that reduces it under 60 dBA you will never hear it again

100% Oil-free

And the risk lower of contaminating the compressed air with lubricant goes to zero.

Easy to install, easier to maintain

Choose your clean space that’s properly ventilated and plug it to operate. To remove any moisture out of the tank, use the special tubing. So easy.

Voltage: 230V/55Hz
Power: 1500W = 2HP
Speed: ≥1400 r/min
Air Supply m3 / h ≥8.7m3/h @0.8MPa ≥16.8m3/h @0MPa
Operating Pressure: 0.7MPa
Max Pressure: 0.9MPa
Restart Point: 0MPa
Tank Capacity: 20 liters
Noise Level without cabinet dB(A): ≤68 dB
Noise Level with cabinet dB(A): ≤60 dB
Dimensions: 38cm x 38cm x 65cm (WxDxH – Without Cabinet)
Net Weight: ≤17.5Kg
Air Quality: Complies with EN ISO 8573-1:2010 [3:5: -]

Dental Compressor D01-2_Brochure

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