Triton Plus+ E (Hanging Cords)

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The Triton Plus+ dental unit is the latest and most modern model in the Neodent product range.

The dental tablet is common to all models (Triton Plus, Triton & Triton DUO) and can be customized according to the user’s needs and preferences. In the Triton Plus+ E specifically, the tablet is with hanging cords.

The chair moves independently of the spittoon, features reinforced tablet arms with internal support, remains stable under a load of up to 5kg, and includes an air brake.

Enhanced lifting capacity across all Triton Editions. Utilizing the most reliable drive motors:
HANNING Germany, boasting a lifting capacity of 180kg!

Air Brake System Reinforced tablet arms, with internal supports, stable under load up to 5kg, with air brake available only for the Triton Plus+ model.

Water Bottle System -2- lt bottle for supplying clean, salt-free water to the tablet ensuring long, trouble-free operation of the handpieces. Possibility of adding disinfectant agent such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, etc.

Hydric Group Triton Plus
The spittoon bowl is crafted from high-quality porcelain, making it detachable for thorough cleaning & thermodisinfection.
It also features an extra UV anti-stain coating to prevent blood, saliva & other waste from lingering on the surface for an extended period.
Safety Switch function that prevents the seat from moving when the
Spittoon bowl is rotated towards the patient.

The Hydric Group pivots 45° so it can be approached both from the left and right side.

Especially for the Triton Plus+ model, seat movement is prevented when the spittoon is turned towards the patient.

Mechanical system, facilitated by safety switches, and electronic system, managed by the electronic board, are designed to prevent undesirable situations caused by unintentional movement or the insertion of objects by blocking the seat’ s movement and issuing a warning.

The self-diagnosis system on the electronic boards triggers an acoustic signal in the event of overloading but also for the correct placement of handpieces on their holders.

  • Spittoon Bowl made of high quality porcelain, detachable for perfect cleaning and thermodisinfection. It also features an extra UV antistain coating to prevent blood, saliva, and other waste from lingering on the surface for an extended period.
  • DCI Water Bottle has a capacity of 2 liters for distilled water. In the TRITON model, it is externally mounted on the vertical column next to the spittoon, allowing for easy removal and refilling in just two movements.
  • Assistant Panel with 3 positions and NEW Suction Tube System by the leading manufacturer Dürr Dental! Featuring a new and improved nozzle and tube design to maximize suction capacity without any losses. Assistant Panel includes in Standard Equipment 2 Suction Tips: 1xØ16mm, plus the Ball Joint & 1xØ6mm.
  • Soft yet ultra-resistant foam Smooth, seamless surfaces for complete disinfection and cleaning. The foam part is replaced easily, quickly & economically. Triton Unit’s upholstered parts are designed for easy replacement within the dental practice, taking just 15 minutes. You can order only the specific part of the upholstery (such as the headrest or backrest) that needs to be changed. Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Chair Armrests
    Left – Standard equipment or Right – Optional equipment

Maintenance Instructions for TRITON or TRITON PLUS Dental Treatment Center

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