Amalgam Separation

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The CAS 1 Combi-Separator by Durr Dental combines air/water separation and amalgam separation. It can be accommodated easily in many units and is installed ex-works by leading manufacturers. The two-stage system achieves a much higher separation capacity than conventional technology.
Spittoon valve: The spittoon valve is the most important accessory in the wet suction system. It controls how the waste water from the spittoon is fed into the suction system. Installing a spittoon valve prevents loss of suction and annoying noises and smells that could otherwise come from the suction system.
Place selection valve: The place selection valve regulates the air flow between the suction unit and the treatment unit. It ensures that vacuum is only applied when it is required, thereby avoiding unnecessary and annoying noises.
Auxiliary air nozzle: The auxiliary air nozzle provides a constant flow of air to ensure optimised fluid transport on the vacuum lines when the cannula is inactive.

CENTRAL AMALGAM SEPARATOR ECO II: The ECO II is straightforward in its construction and works entirely without an electronic control unit, delivering a separation rate of 99.3%. The entire device is replaced after about a year. The ECO II is suitable for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain, cost-effective alternative to electronically controlled centrifugal systems. The ECO II can serve up to 3 dental units, while the ECO II Tandem can serve 3 to 5 dental units. It is also available as a module for the EXCOM hybrid A1/A2/A5 central semi-wet suction systems.

DURR Dental
Dimensions (H x W x D cm): 12.5 x 15 x 12
Noise level dB(A): 49
Max. vacuum (mbar): 160
Voltage (V): 24 V AC; 24 – 36 V DC
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Weight (kg): ~1.4

METASYS ECO II – Special features
– Straightforward and uncomplicated because it has no electronics
high separation rate of 99.3 %
– Can be deployed for up to 5 dental units
– The cost-effective alternative to centrifugal systems

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