The Delivery Unit – 3 Versions

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The delivery unit

With five -5- completely configurable outlets, the delivery unit comes into 3 types:

  1. Hanging cords – E type
  2. Whip arm system – L type
  3. Mobile cart – M type.

The delivery unit can move to all directions and the height can be adjusted either through a manual brake or through a pneumatic air brake (optional).

The instrument hoses are sufficiently long to provide extreme comfort during work, with smooth silicon surfaces for complete cleaning and correct disinfection.

The whip arm system is equipped with an extra tray underneath the main delivery unit.

The Triton Unit’s Tablet includes:

  1. DCI or Luzzani Minimate Syringe – Included in the Standard Equipment
    * 3way: air, water, spray standard equipment, 6way optional equipment
  2. 1 or 2 Lines with Fiber Optic for Turbine – Included in the Standard Equipment
  3. 1 Line Midwest-RM for Airmotor – Included in the Standard Equipment
    *Optionally for the lines 3 &4, you can choose 1 or 2 Electric Motors from
  4. Bien Air or W&H
  5. *Optionally Piezo Scaler from Acteon, EMS or
    Woodpecker, with or without LED

*All Tablets (E, L, M) are common in Triton Plus, Triton & Triton DUO

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