The Dental Chair

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Soft yet ultra-resistant foam.
Smooth, seamless surfaces for complete disinfection and cleaning.

Chair Armrests
Left – Standard equipment


Right – Optional equipment

The foam part is replaced easily, quickly, economically & in 15min.

Triton Unit’s upholstered parts are designed for easy replacement within the dental practice, taking just 15 minutes. You can order only the specific part of the upholstery (such as the headrest or backrest) that needs to be changed.

  • The seat has two independent electric motors, totally quiet and smooth on the move.
  • Lifting weight up to 200 kg.
  • The chair is equipped with an auto-stop in case an object inserts during its descent (i.e. the footswitch) that eliminates the risk of accidents.
  • The headrest can be adjusted in 2 axes (up-down, back-forth) but also it is 180o rotatable to be used for patients in wheelchairs.

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